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John and I have been married for almost 20 years and I have three beautiful children, and we are good friends. But it has always cum too fast and was upset whenever I just met with your fingers ( good) or language (very good!) We went to therapists and videos seen and tried all kinds of treatments, but not yet never helped. Then came John asked me to cum on a cock and when one day last year said it would be good to me, asked me if I want to end up in another man 's cock. I was surprised and said yes, but in skimtube the coming months, they talked about it several times, especially when a dildo in me when I licked her to orgasm, or fingers. The problem with vibrators is that when tightening them feel bad - I do not know how, but somehow I can say I always said that plastic, not flesh. So if you have a few drinks after dinner, he showed me some pictures of cocks in this website, I was half angry, half excited. When we went to bed at night, I had to be soakedSo I had touched, and I had a great orgasm when John told me how another man to satisfy me. But then I told him it was all fantasy. , then removed and began to bother, I was very excited, and when we talk about that, I said I wanted an orgasm, like I've earned while fucking cock. then said he would be happy if I alone with another man for a massage and both bring me to orgasm this way, so I said yes. The next weekend, said he had skimtube arranged a room in a motel for the night and we were there, we will enjoy a massage for me. He told me to shave and dress the bottom, which I did for the sake of our marriage. Only one request of him. I did not want to see another man and asked if I could wear a mask. John agreed. wearing a coat over my dress and stiletto heels micro. In John insitence was otherwise naked. In the room took my coat skimtube and sat down, put the mask over the eyes. He told me that my crossThe legs. When I did I felt something wet there, which surprised me because I was very nervous. left the room and closed the door and entered a few minutes later. He said he was alone, waiting for Stan, the other people. He had told me that every time I entered the room he has to wait a few seconds and then uncrossing her legs so he could see my thighs and pussy. The second time I skimtube became what I asked and she said bravely. then left again, and when he does not cross your legs and I felt that my journey brought me to suspend. I heard a cry small, that does not sound like John. I waited and heard John tell someone to go take a shower. skimtube My heart beat ; thius it skimtube really was. I heard the shower go for a few minutes later John came with a part of me and took my hand and said, This is Stan and I put my hand on Stan Hahn. I was so surprised, but surprised when he lifted a thick tail, which was hot and stiff, and flinched skimtube when touched. I felt a little light at most meetingsey raised my arms and pulled my dress and helped me in my stomach on the bed. I took off my shoes and then felt four hands massage my back, then shoulders, then legs and buttocks. and then I felt my legs were slightly apart and lifted massage my inner thighs. I was not so much now, and it was a terrible fear that stroked my clit, then stopped, what seemed an eternity. Then John told me to turn around and after each took a hand and put my left hand on John 's cock. It was semi -rigid and as soon as I thought it was John said stop or I'm too fast, there were hundreds of times it has happened before. Then my right hand was placed in standard tap. It was thick and hot and gently stroked me until its closure, was huge and stocky. Stan grunted and I wondered if I should stop, but he said no to this big bear. And while doing this, she stroked both my tits then my stomach, then my lips and clitoris, and then felt his fingers gome and rubbing my G-spot. And then, unexpectedly, I realized I skimtube wanted to finish. I told John and he told me to stop, Stan and I felt my orgasm hunger. After a few seconds left in the kitchen, and was starting again. was masturbating Stan Hahn, who seemed even harder than before and thought that if I really have an orgasm maintained, and how wonderful that feeling was when John asked me if I dropped a cock in me. I moved my left hand to his penis, skimtube a little more difficult than before, and said : Yes. But he said it would end very quickly and Stan Hahn said. And I thought how nice it would be an orgasm and I really loved my husband, so if you want a green light, he said. I heard him swallow, and once asked me what I wanted. So I said, Stan dick in my pussy. y lightning speed my legs were open, and I felt Stan body between my thighs and his cock brush my lips. Then he pushed and I was sliding his cock in me, and kept gliding - strong, thick skimtube and long that further to me that John never did. It was fantastic, and I squeezed my pussy muscles him, and he began pumping his shaft and out. And I heard my juices silence as skimtube he did. I was not thinking that was in me, just fucking animal pleasure really good. Then John said he wanted to go, and I felt like sharing. When John came to me, I pulled the trigger, because it is much smaller than the bar was after three or four lines of his cock skimtube as skimtube he pulled an orgasm. I felt a wave of disappointment when I thought that was the skimtube end of the session and did not cum, skimtube but after that John was away from me again Stan felt his position and his cock in my pussy very wet now. And I realized Stan was not a condom. I said this, but John said, as Stan would not worry they do not come in me, and I was so hot now, all I was thinking couild my orgasm. Stan and I kept pumping and I felt my clit John finger and then started it all. I felt the waves of orgasm deep within me, and SanI felt absolutely regular rhythm of my vagina muscles to squeeze and started on my orgasm. I do not know how long it lasted, but regular pumping of a real cock and skimtube be able to squeeze in him was the most extraordinary feeling great I've had. I gasped and listened myslef screaming like a wave came over me and the orgasm I felt a little pee when I lost control. Finally, I began to descend from heaven and Stan was in motion and softness. Then I had to ask him to stop, when I was a bit of pain. Little by little came out of me and John and put my legs. Then John said, it's up to Stan skimtube now, and John took off his mask. I blinked and looked the stronger black man had ever seen, with a big erection cum with my juices, and John was brilliant. Stan and said, I've had long enough will, and the foreskin back and right knob end swelled as he grunted and began to cum. And his cock was pointing straight in the face. John and my head was silent. I really liked the first jet is injected into my cheeks and my hair, and then sudden gush after I covered the cheeks, nose and left eye and splashing over my breasts, chin and lips . I had to lick cum tasted salty and this black man and a straw in me. and I was still in the sky.
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